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Issue 72 - February, 2017

Fall and a big chunk of winter seem to have passed so quickly and we have enjoyed a mild and sunny October and November and a snowy Christmas. I always envision a short and beautiful winter and an early spring. Hopefully it will be as last year and a big dump of snow will melt quickly mid -February, heralding seven months of my favorite time of year –retreat season!

The excitement of our film ‘Herd’ was shared when 6 of the 8 participants came to it’s debut at the Equus film festival in New York. Re-connecting with them was wonderful and many had made huge changes in their connection to higher consciousness resulting in major life changes. Our filmmaker for Herd, Stefan Morel took home a golden horse and the title of ‘Best Director’ for the category of Feature length documentary. We now have our first logo for the film cover and Stefan has some ideas for other festivals so sadly I’m not allowed to share the complete film until after he collects a few more awards but he has given me a 10 minute short preview to share in the meantime.

Watch The Herd Film Short

I will be promoting it on Facebook and you are welcome to do the same.

Our most affordable price for retreats this year is to come with a friend and book in one payment which is $2,400 each (and that’s Canadian for all you lucky Americans), all-inclusive for the week, so share with your friends and share the savings. It’s a life-changing experience so check out our stories, videos, slideshow and all the details on the retreat page

We have finally published “Wisdom from the Herd” which is 10 years of channelled horse wisdom, stories from retreatants and anecdotes from Liz. The 100’s of pictures tell the story of connection and communication to Higher Consciousness through the immersion in the higher vibration of 528 hertz, the frequency of Love and Miracles. It will be up on Amazon worldwide –(just search Liz Mitten Ryan) very soon, along with an e-book version and e-book versions of the other 4 books.

For those who missed our summer slideshow it is under the newsletter header and features the music and ordering info for Kiara’s new album (recorded in 528 Hz) Between the photos and the music it is healing just watching.

Another link I want to share is Matt Kahn’s latest almost 2 hour video; a must see!

New pictures: the Equus Film Festival  award:

And one of the biggest highlights of the NY trip: Connecting with a carriage horse (after which he smiled just like Crystal does!)

I asked the horses if there's anything they want to share...

"As we shift into higher dimensional consciousness there is a tremendous polarization of forces. Things, people, situations will all seem to be black or white, either coming from the heart which connects us to the All and universal consciousness or the head which connects us to the very limited viewpoint of the individual ego or the collective ego of human mass-mind consciousness. Remember as you always say, ‘it’s all always perfect for the evolution of the individual and the collective particularly the largest collective of the planet. The seed of God, the creator and essence of All creation planted in the good earth can only grow to become the flower of God. The animals are sharing the larger ‘Golden Rule’ with the humans: “Do unto All creation as you would have all creation do unto you” You are all creation and as you sow you shall reap. The more diluted human beliefs become when they make the connection to the universal higher consciousness in all life, the more they will understand the bigger picture. The miniscule point of focus of their individual egos will expand to become a wave and again to become all waves of possibility. We are All One is being reiterated over and over with a larger understanding of that true meaning. It is All always a personal choice so why would you want to hold yourself in the grey zone of a self-made prison, running through a maze of mental barbed wire when you can fly like the wind in a heart centered dance. The Horses share with the humans: We are All One Herd - what we do to each other we do to ourselves –be only Love"

- The Herd

We have some very sad news. It is the end of an era and L.E. has gone to the light. Her daughters Prima and Crystal held space for her and the rest of the herd stood back to respect her passing. She slipped next to the hay feeder and couldn’t get up. We think her legs finally gave out from cushings. She nickered to her baby Indy and Luxy over and over as they came to escort her to her home in spirit. We will all miss her greatly!

I asked L.E. if she could speak to us from spirit:

"Love is forever and our hearts are forever joined. I am still amongst the Herd and I am free in spirit to bring the most profound energies through my earth family. Luxy Indy, Raffi, Monet, Matisse, Mira, and Crystal’s unborn foal are all one herd here in spirit but we run with our earth herd and further our mission, raising consciousness for the planet and the universe. Do you remember the white kite on my forehead? I am now free to float in the heavens yet still attached to the earth. I will be present in each moment of joy and healing, of new birth and ‘Love made visible’."

– L.E.

Wanted to share another discovery. You can join for 9.00/month and they have the most amazing content. Here are some gift videos to try:

One last thing if you would like to read it, we have an article and link to the film trailer in the February issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine.

Love and Light always,


Read the 4 award-winning books and start your life-changing journey: "One With the Herd", "The Truth According to Horses", "Life Unbridled" and "Sabbatical" are all available in our bookstore with previews to read as well.

*Check out the feel good video under the header and one more thing to celebrate… the horses have often said that in this decade animals will be awarded rights and freedoms…an orang-utan has been awarded the human right of freedom:

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