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Issue 74 - May, 2017

Retreats have started late this year as the weather was wet and cold but we are finally experiencing spring. The weather is warm, trees a fresh spring green and all the lakes are fuller than they have ever been. New life at Gateway this year includes a new kitten, Sam and a new one month old cow Adoro–bull. We have wonderful new accommodations at the Guest House so those not wanting the tent-cabin experience can be comfortable in the Guest house. This also allows space for people who prefer to have their own room.
All the young horses are being trained daily as we have up to three wwoofers per month (willing workers on organic farms) who are rider/trainers putting miles of alternative riding and ground play on all of them and the biggest news of all is Isabelle is back as full time help for the season. Her sense of humour and excellent cooking skills as well as horse expertise are so appreciated!

For those who have not yet ordered it, the new book ‘Wisdom From the Herd’ is selling worldwide and really is a wealth of the horse healing story, following ten years of channelled wisdom from the Herd and retreats with hundreds of pictures, stories from participants and connecting threads from Liz. It is available through Amazon in all countries or ask at your bookstore.
The news on the film is Stefan has been busy and it has been accepted to several new festivals with other news to come. It will be available to view in the fall after all is over and the awards have come in!

Wisdom from the Herd. Click on the cover to preview the inside.

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We are getting ready to breed Crystal and Micah this year and have picked some beautiful and kind sires, never mind their athleticism. It is such a long wait but the horses are adamant we need to add to our herd and we have been told horses are lining up to be born here and to share their wisdom with the humans.

Healing has been so powerful with the addition of our big new open barn where the herd can all be together and move freely to interact with people and each other just like they do when out on the land. We have built some very versatile seating around the central posts with varying levels to accommodate comfort and easy access to everything going on. Yesterday the people in the barn all witnessed an incredible event. We had a woman sitting at the front left post with Magic and Mica in attendance and others like Serene coming to work on her. Diva was flat out towards the back of the barn grounding out the energies. I asked Catherine to put her hand on her heart and really get into that place of unconditional love where we can connect with the horses, animals and all life. I also told her that when she got into that place the horses would come over and rest their heads on her. Well, I was expecting Magic, who was next to her to be the first, but Diva roused from her flat-out position and very gently and purposefully moved all the horses in her path around the barn so that she could circumnavigate and present herself right in Catherine’s face. She then looked deeply in her eyes and the two exchanged a lengthy period of that shared place of love and the highest connection. Truly amazing to see how strong the draw and how available the feelings are to all present. There is only ONE mind and when we open and connect to that place miracles happen.

Photos from recent Equinisity Retreats

"We are working to re-configure the planet and all humans who are ready for the transformation. It is an exciting time in our planetary evolution and the energies from the sun and the other planets are powerful. Life as we have known it is awakening to a new truth, one that has been hidden for our accepted history. This shift is a big responsibility that many of the powerful animal beings are helping with. It is critical that we make the transition to the higher dimensional realms so that we can exist in the new energies in a compatible form. Many are predicting the shift will be momentous by the fall of this year and we have this short period to prepare for the higher vibrational energies. Our job is to tune humans to be in their heart space, to feel rather than think and to listen to their internal guidance that is available when we breathe in the teachings of the natural world through our breath and allow them to circulate with the rhythm of our pulse. Our hearts are large and can attune those in our presence and our breath is alive with immersion in the wisdom of the ALL. Let us help you to surrender to that wisdom and achieve the highest resolution of your individual expression. It is important to leave the influence of your cell phones and computers, the myriad energetics that abound in your cities and make the pilgrimage to the natural spaces still in their original state. Retune, re-connect and re-configure. Re-member your ONENESS and place in the divine order of the universe."

- The Herd

No small task!

With our new accommodations we have even more space and many choices of sleeping and resting experiences. Commune in comfort with the natural world and the Herd at the cabin/tent village or nest in the Guest house in your choice of room. Come and commit to a life-changing experience – if you pay in US Dollars you save big time, or bring a friend and save even more. Check out our retreat page and ‘just do it ’- it is time to awaken to the highest levels of consciousness and connection. Read our stories of people who have been forever changed.

Wishing you all many blessings on your journey!


Read the 4 award-winning books and start your life-changing journey: "One With the Herd", "The Truth According to Horses", "Life Unbridled" and "Sabbatical" are all available in our bookstore with previews to read as well.

*Check out the feel good video under the header and one more thing to celebrate… the horses have often said that in this decade animals will be awarded rights and freedoms…an orang-utan has been awarded the human right of freedom:

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