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Welcome to Equinisity Retreats in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Our Sacred Land is home to a herd of free roaming horses, and our resident Buddha, Tesoro the bull. The 320 acres of enchanted forests, hills, lakes, rivers of underground crystals and magnificent views, is an energetic matrix for personal transformation through higher consciousness, universal love and connection to all life.

* For 2017 we are offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Save $400 each if you pay in full at booking. *

Check the retreats page for more information. *All prices are in Canadian currency. In US dollars it is approximately 1/3 less!


Equinisity Retreats are transformational journeys hosted by Liz Mitten Ryan, Author, Artist and Animal Communicator and her herd of equine higher beings. These spiritual, healing and personal growth with horses and nature retreats offer re-connection, re-vitalisation and healing, dispelling illusion, shifting consciousness and tuning and raising personal and universal vibration.

We offer life changing, healing inspirational, spiritual and personal development retreats including a unique model of Horse Therapy offered by the Herd at liberty and certification in Equinistic Healing. The retreats are individually tailored to each participant depending on your interests in fusion and alignment with the consciousness and spirit of Equinisity.

**EQUINISTIC HEALING CERTIFICATION is available for those who want to expand their horse therapy practice to the highest levels. Please visit the Certification page for more details and tick the box on our booking form.

"This by far, is the best 'happening' I have EVER had in travel/learning/experiences. As I told you, Liz, I have gone to many horse programs and otherwise seeking to learn, grow, become excited - and left because I was not moved. Thank you for all that you do! What a wonderful blessing you are to the world - from one horse to another!" - Kimberly Clarke, Healing With Horses

Do I need to be a horse lover/rider to benefit from the Equinisity Retreats?

Even if you have never spent time with horses or you feel anxious about being around them, the Equinisity Retreats will introduce you to a magical garden inhabited by higher beings (animals) who are here to teach and heal humans.

If you are a horse lover and would like to experience a new level of horse communication and connection and understand every nuance of Herd Language ultimately riding and communicating with focus and intent, there is no better place in the world to learn this.

The Retreat Experience

A visit to Gateway 2 Ranch is a life changing experience. Liz Mitten Ryan is an expert in horse herd language, liberty horse training, communicating and connecting with horses, horse and animal communication. She offers Horse Healing retreats, equine healing certification and liberty training retreats through

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See Pictures from our Equinisity Retreats!

Please visit for more information on Liz Mitten Ryan, her books and her artwork.

If you would like to purchase the Equinisity DVD or any of the 4 books co-authored by Liz and the Herd which will help you transition to this higher state of being, visit the Liz Mitten Ryan Store.

"The gift of finding the unexpected yet truly meaningful perspective through the almost 360 degree vision of the equine." - from the Herd